Precious metals

Black Sea Business Academy                                                                                 

  • Name of Educational Program: Precious metals
  • Level of education Program – One.
  • Program duration: One month, meetings 3 times a week, duration of the meeting – 2 hours a day;
  • Language of study – Georgian.
  • Tuition fee – 550 GEL
  • The program is intended for those who want to work in banks, microfinance organizations and pawnshops to assess precious metals.
  • Learning outcomes
  1.     work safety,
  2.     Precious metals (physical and technical alloys),
  3.     Getting and receiving precious metals,
  4.     Precious metals coins;
  5.     Color and other metals;
  6.     Precious metals alloys, according to samples and colors, their classification,
  7.     Detection of precious metals and alloys using test reagents,
  8.     Other metals alloys,
  9.     Depending on the designation of the sample of the item and periods of decoration;
  10.     Precious metals sampling system,
  11.     Methods of determination of samples and tiles,
  12.     Protective and decorative coverings;
  13.     Item evaluation criteria, cost calculation,
  14.     Falsified items and their identification methods,
  15.     Base metals used for falsification
  16.     Methods of identifying fraudulent merchandise,
  17.     Review of functions and duties of appraiser.


  • Black Sea Business Academy certificates are issued upon completion of the course.

Applicants, interested in Certificate Program, must submit the following documents:

  1. The completed application form
  2. Copy of ID
  3. Application fee payment receipt
  4. 2 photo 3/4

Bank properties: 

  • Liberty Bank
  • NAME OF BENEFICIARY - ”Black Sea Business Academy” Ltd.
  • BEN’ S ACCOUNT - GE73LB0113131144946000 / GEL

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