Georgian Language for foreigners

Black Sea Business Academy                                                                                                                                                

  • Name of course: Georgian Language for foreigners
  • Course levels – Two: level 1 - the beginner course and levels 2 - the elementary course;
  • Course duration: Three months of each level, 2 times a week, duration of the meeting – 2 academic hours (one academic hour is 50 minutes);
  • Tuition fee – 750 GEL (for each level)
  • The course is designed for: This Georgian Language Course is specially designed for people from other countries who are interested in learning the Georgian language. Despite this, all interested people can take the courses and master the Georgian language according to their interests and needs. We offer Georgian as a foreign language not only to foreigners but also to non-native Georgians.
  • Level 1 – “Beginner” is intended for the beginners. After completing 1 level the learner will be able to conduct the following activities in a very simple way: provide information about oneself, one’s activities, one’s life; communicate about one’s everyday life; write and understand letters, cards; fill in application forms; participate in slow, simple conversations, familiar topics connected with one’s everyday life.
  • Level 2 – “Elementary” is intended for those learners, who already have an elementary knowledge of Georgian. After completing 2 level a learner will be able to conduct the following activities: understand short, simple, clearly formulated messages and announcements; read and understand simple and small texts; find simple information in advertisements, menus, timetables, etc.; ask for and understand elementary information in public transport, bank, pharmacy store; exchange small amounts of information about one’s familiar topics or activities; talk about one’s family, studies, job, country, sphere of interest

You can pay your tuition fees by transferring funds directly into the Academy bank account. All students are provided with course materials.

  • Upon the completion of Georgian language preparatory educational program a certificate will be awarded
  • Admission:

Applicants interested in Certificate Program must submit the following documents:

  1. The completed application form
  2. Copy of ID
In order to consider your registration fully completed, please send us your ID/passport to our email: or bring it to the following address 14, Haidar Abashidze Street, Batumi, Georgia. Please let us know of your visit 1 days in advance (phone: 555506044).
Learning is permissible without passing unified national exams

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