Practical Accounting

Black Sea Business Academy

    • Name of Educational Program: Practical Accountingბუღალტრული აღრიცხვა
    • Level of education Program – One.
    • Program duration: Three month, meetings 3 times a week, duration of the meeting – 2 hours a day;
    • Language of study – Georgian, Russian.


  • Learning outcomes
  1.     Accounting,
  2.     Tax Declaration,
  3.     Financial Accounting,
  4.     Income and expense accounting for individual entrepreneurs and persons subject to special taxation regime.
  5.     Accounting Softwares.


  • Black Sea Business Academy certificates are issued upon completion of the course.

Applicants, interested in Certificate Program, must submit the following documents:

  1. The completed application form
  2. Copy of ID
  3. Application fee payment receipt

Bank properties: 

  • Liberty Bank
  • NAME OF BENEFICIARY - ”Black Sea Business Academy” Ltd.
  • BEN’ S ACCOUNT - GE73LB0113131144946000 / GEL

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